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At 20:20 MSL, we firmly believe the firm is only as good as our people. People from many walks of life, and certainly many cultures, who together share a passion for client service, the courage to take on the biggest challenges and the tenacity to see those challenges through. Our people centric focus ensures team stability, in-depth understanding of client's needs, consistency in methodology and approach resulting in strong client-agency working relationships towards desired results.

Joining MSLGROUP means working with inspirational colleagues and clients, providing trusted advice and unbound creativity, engagement and value in the always-on conversation. With MSLGROUP's dual roots in both the US and Europe - and expanding footprint in Asia - what makes it a great network to be part of is precisely the fact that difference exists and is indeed celebrated - difference between countries, practices and regional cultures. To keep this spirit alive and real, we actively commit to ensuring our employees experience the globalness of the network, to learning from each other and exchanging best practices. At MSLGROUP we have a mantra, "Together Work's Better" - it's an expression of how individual strengths and varied perspectives combine to make us collectively successful. If you think this sounds appealing, connect with us and let's start a conversation

What we look for at MSLGROUP

  • A Passion for Client Service: putting external and internal clients at the center of your universe
  • High-Level Thinking: having a strategic approach to your work
  • Bold Creativity: going beyond the obvious with game-changing ideas
  • Thorough Execution: being results-driven and consistently exceeding targets
  • Business Prowess: having a firm grasp of the issues driving the industry, and how an agency should best operate
  • Collaborative Leadership: working and playing well with others to achieve great things
  • Courageous in Spirit: creating and acting on opportunities
  • Steadfast Accountability: stepping up to the plate and seeing commitments through

If you feel this sounds like you, it's time we started a conversation…

Senior Leadership Team

Amrit Ahuja
Client Services Director, India
B2B and Technology practice lead Asia

Amrit leads 2020 MSL India'acleint engagement with all large mandates, charged with providing high-level counsel to a diverse range of clients across India. She specialises in strategic and scenario planning and leads building corporate reputation. Current clients Amrit counsels in India are Facebook, Dell, BenQ, Opera, Evernote, Aircel. Some other clients she has counselled are Google, Intel, Hewlett Packard, Ericsson, Computer Associates, Juniper, Verisign, National Semiconductor, Business Software Alliance, Maxtor, and many other technology brands.

Amrit has over 20 years of PR experience in the PR industry and before joining 2020 MSL she worked on the corporate side and managed inhouse PR for Zee telefilms and ITDC (a chain fo hotel in India)


Chetan Mahajan
Managing Director,
20: 20 MSL

Chetan has over 16 years of experience in the industry. With 20:20 MSL for over 14 years now, his key responsibilities include operational performance, growth, talent management, client engagement and a clear focus on building competencies in five core traits: as a Courageous Steward, Meticulous Value Creator, Collaborative Relationships Builder, Creative Solutions Provider and Strategic Leadership.

He is a specialist in working on Large Projects. He has advised numerous brands including Intel Education, Aircel, VW, Commonwealth Games Delhi, 2010, Haier, Chhattisgarh Tourism Board, Micromax, and Saffola Masala Oats with their communications strategy. Chetan has got the privilege to serve as the President of Public Relations Consultants Of India. He holds a professional degree from the Indian Institute of Chartered Accountants and is wild life and sports enthusiast.


Ian Sequeira
Sr. Vice President
Mumbai, Pune, Chennai & Hyderabad Market Head

Ian is an integrated communications specialist with over 25 years of experience in PR, Advertising & Marketing Research. He is on the Senior Leadership Team of 20:20 & works with his team of over 75 PR professionals to maximise PR value to Clients.

With 20:20 for over 12 years, Ian has had the opportunity to work with over 75 top brands, providing them with strategic communication counsel & out-of-the box ideas, which have worked successfully over the years. He is an accomplished Media Trainer & enjoys the challenges of working on new business development. He has trained senior spokespersons at Microsoft, Cognizant, Philips, Honeywell, Blue Coat, Schwing Stetter, to name a few.

Ian’s last assignment was with MAA Bozell, where as Branch Director, he was heading up the integrated communications business of the Agency. He has had stints with advertising agencies such as Bates, FCB Ulka & Grey Worldwide, all in Mumbai. Ian has had the opportunity to service multinational businesses such as Procter & Gamble, Ciba-Geigy, Jockey, Bosch, Smithkline Beecham, Deutsche Bank, et al. He began his career as Research Executive with the research division of Lintas.

Ian has a Bachelor’s degree in Science from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai and has done a six month Executive Management Development Program at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.

He is the ex-Chairperson-South, PRCAI, India.


Rekha Rao
General Manager,
20:20 MSL

Rekha specializes in FMCG, consumer and lifestyle PR and she has the distinction of working with global giants in this domain, Unilever & P&G. At Unilever, she has led brands like Fair and Lovely, Lifebuoy, Domex, Vim, RinHuggies, & Kotex while for P&G she has led campaigns for Gillette, Vicks, Oral-B, Corporate, Shiksha, & Thank You Mom. Besides this she has also managed PR campaigns for major MNCs like Monsanto (BT Cotton Seeds), Revlon, Porsche, & Right Choice to name a few. Rekha has a proven track record on strategic brand property building, reputation management, adversity / crisis management, CSR, PPPs and corporate PR. Her work has been award winning (6 India SABREs, AFAQS) and has also created many firsts for her clients. Prior to embarking on the journey as a Public Relations professional, she spent 12 years as a copywriter with agencies like Leo Burnett, Lowe and Triton.


Viju George
General Manager & Media Training Expert

Viju brings about 17 years of communication experience from both Advertising and Public Relations. He has been with 20:20 MSL for the last 15 years. In his current role Viju works on strategic businesses and is responsible for the Bangalore office. Viju is also a media training specialist. In his role as mediatrainer for spokespeople of various Brands, Viju has prepared CEOs, VPs, MDs & Product for media engagement and key message delivery. Some of the companies include:Intel, Microsoft, Volkswagen, Google, Infosys, Wipro, CITRIX, Sapient, AppleComputer, Computer Associates, Cognizant, Juniper, American PowerConversion (APC), Nucleus, Autodesk, Honeywell, BSA, Bharti, VW, Ericsson, Oracle, Dell, and RedHat.



Alumni Speak

Abhilasha Padhy, Independent Consultant
My 5-years at 20:20 were the best in terms of professional growth, learning and development. The 20:20 experience prepared me for the dynamic and evolving communication industry through appropriate training and development programs. I learnt the importance of working in a collaborative environment based on loyalty, teamwork and trust and providing the same for my peers. The entire ecosystem within the organization, starting from managers to the leadership team, strived towards providing a healthy, safe & balanced work environment for me.
A perfect mix of excitement and challenge at work, 20:20 is great place to work.


Aman Abbas, Director - Strategy
2020MSL is one of the most vibrant agencies; and delight to work with. It follows the highest standards of ethics and transparency for both its clients and employees. There is a lot of learning at every level because of its strong focus on training and development. I have had my share of joys, fun, learning and camaraderie that makes this experience one of the most valuable ones.


Bipasa, Manager Communications and Public Affairs. Applied Materials South East Asia
20:20 Media means much more to me than the place where I began my career. It is where I was nurtured from a college kid to a responsible professional. I had the advantage of working with some of the best people in the industry at 20:20 and these learning's have been a very enriching to my career.


Dechama, Currently – Communications Advisor, Dell India – since 2010
Was – Sr. Account Manager, 20:20 MEDIA – 2004 - 2010, Total Experience – 11 years

With 11 years in the Communications industry, I currently work with Dell India as part of the Corporate Communication team. My second stint in an agency concluded in 2010 at 20:20 Media as Senior Account Manager. The 6 years I spent with 20:20 have been some of the most memorable of my career and where I was first exposed to the importance of people. Understanding what drives people, whether it is your own team or the client's customers and therefore the business, formed the bedrock of my learning and something that I have carried with me. The opportunity to work with a set of illustrious brands also created great exposure and valuable experiences. Personally, it brought together a great group of people who continue to be connected to me by bonds that go beyond just networks.


Gunjan Sarah Hasan, Sr. Manager – Marketing & Corporate Communications, Velti India Pvt. Ltd.
I worked with 20:20 for 8 years and the experience brought immense value to me both professionally and personally. The kind of exposure you get right from the word 'go' motivates you to walk the extra mile which makes the foundation really strong. Being part of 20:20 taught me the importance of striking a balance between personal life and professional life. It gave me the mantra, more of magic words for life -'Attitude' and 'Passion' and that have always held me in good stead.
Thank you 20:20 for giving me such an excellent platform to learn and grow.


HeenaKanal, Head – Corporate Communications, Marico Limited
20:20's greatest strength has always been a passionate team, a great culture and a zest to excel. I got an opportunity to work with and learn from some of the best leaders in the industry. It is an organisation that has been a critical building block for my career.


IlaChhabra, External Communications Manager, Michelin India
"Like all firsts, my first job after college at 2020 MSL was memorable, interesting and extremely high on learning! The team, the projects I worked on and the work place environment contributed tremendously to the development of my skills and experience, helping evolve my career. Beyond the skills and experience, 2020 MSL taught me a level of professionalism that's hard to come by anywhere else. I had several mentors at 2020 and even after I left all of them have kept in touch, providing career guidance and an objective external perspective that I find very valuable. 2020 may take you to different places and to lots of different clients, but the amount of professional learning and growth you will acquire is tremendous.
The 2020 network is extremely valuable — build it and maintain it throughout your career!"


Jasmin Pithawala, Head - Marketing Communications
20:20 MEDIA (it used to be called) was a great learning experience for me. My stint here helped me to attain a definite skill set and inculcate PR practices which I use till date – client management, media relations, good reading habits, training & development and most important managing boss's expectations. I had the privilege to work with Manish Bansal, who is a great friend now and was then a wonderful boss. We had a great time working together and made wonderful friends with whom we are in touch with till date. This place taught us not only to value clients but also our internal people and today we are at great places and heading good teams is only thanks to the learning's at 20:20.


Joya Ahluwalia, Communication Manager, Akzo Nobel India
Collaboration isn't just about working together to help the client. At 20:20 MSL, it's also about sharing knowledge, helping your fellow team mates grow their skills and having fun at the same time. I joined the organization as a management trainee and learnt all about public relations and technology from them. 202:20 MSL days will always be an extremely found and cherished memory for me.


"2020 rocks", is the summary of my experience. I spent nearly 12 years in 2020 MEDIA and in my memory they continue to be the most motivating, challenging, supporting, fun… years of work! My colleagues continue to be dear friends. I am so, so proud to be a 2020 alumnus.


Kruti Arora
"20:20 for me, has been a great learning ground and helped shape me as a professional in the communications industry. It has been a wonderful place where I got the opportunity to learn the value of commitment, passion and perseverance from experienced and generous teachers such as Sunil and Amrit among many others. The organization has given me the confidence and the opportunity to go after whatever I wanted. I am thankful that I got to meet so many like minded professionals who were as passionate and excited to achieve new heights of excellence every day!


Mira Lal
20:20 MEDIA helped sharpen my personality! The following are the Mantras to my success:
1. Be yourself
2. Make your passion your work
3. Details are the God of everything
4. Stick like glue to the Customer
5. Have a Mentor

The Atmosphere: When I joined 20:20, there were just 6 of us and Sunil. The warm, fun-filled, happy atmosphere was a great way to start my love for PR. The Mentor(Sunil) way of learning was very helpful. Sunil, encouraged us to take independent decisions, which gave me lots of confidence. He was always there, even if you took a wrong decision, he would back you up.It is the freedom & trust that constitutes good management.

Workshops& Learning: Those days the Workshops were simple. Some Gyan(knowledge), on the Terrace while eating some radish& carrots from the Mobile Street Vendor, did wonders for team spirit. An afternoon on the Golf Course, was so spontaneous & fun.

Difficult Clients: I had some of the best experiences working with very difficult Clients. They taught me a lot of persuasion, which is after all what the business of PR is all about. Ofcourse, I always had the backing of Sunil, which gave me confidence to do my best.

Project Clients: I was very lucky to have Project Clients. Retainer Clients are fine but when you work on Projects, that actually gives you the variety of company cultures & people. The experience gives you a multi-dimensional view of Client Servicing.

Confidence & Passion: The most important thing is to be yourself. If you are true to your personality you will have confidence to face clients. Passion is not something one can learn. But if you are passionate about your work, it feels that you are getting paid for doing something you love.


MohitVerma, Senior Manager, Senior Manager
I had an amazing six year stint with 2020 which can be summarized as great learning, amazing work and outstanding colleagues. I will always cherish the great time spent at 2020.


Nidhi Madan Verma, Head Public Relations, (India/ Middle East/ South East Asia)
It feels great to have worked with some of the most amazing and talented people at 2020. The culture, people and the spirit make it a great place to work! My learning at 2020 played an important role in charting a growth path for me.


Rhia, Senior Account Manager at Hill+Knowlton Strategies, Malaysia
20:20 provided me with some of the best years of my career – as a young graduate, 20:20 gave me the opportunity to work with some of the largest global and local brands in the industry on the most unique campaigns and with some of the brightest teams and minds. Not only did my tenure with the company drive me to be a process-oriented PR professional, but also drove me to think outside of the box.

Two of the most important lessons that I learnt while working there was the importance of building relationships; be it with clients or internally within the agency and the need to provide value at every step of the way. Today, I believe that this has made me a well-rounded communications specialist and I will always be grateful for the fantastic training ground that 20:20 provided me with and the continuous support of the senior management team.


Working with 20:20 Media was one of the most cherished periods of my career. It was just not the question of handling challenging work assignments but the fun of working and approaching these challenges was a learning experience of a lifetime. A talented team of young professionals, 20:20 has the knack of producing the most dedicated, talented and committed PR professionals in the industry.


R Sriganesh, Director - Marketing & Sales, Madbox
If I had to create a tag cloud or was asked to create key words that best describes my experience at 20:20 MEDIA, the following would be my choices - Commitment to client's success, Professionalism (towards all stakeholders), Going the extra mile, Partnering or Consulting with clients, Perfect training ground for young professionals.

The focus at 20:20 is not just blind delivery but to understand the larger pictures. This brings a lot of comfort factor for a client as the learning curve is shorter and the alignment with the goals of the engagement is quicker.


Working with 20:20 MEDIA was truly a memorable experience.
As an Organisation, the Leadership Team at 20:20 MEDIA devoted substantive time for mentoring young minds to evolve as True Professionals. Rigorous Training backed with robust support system, is the USP of 20:20 MEDIA.

The Processes and Business Protocol maintained and firmly executed in the organization is worth emulating as a Growing Professional. Two and half years of time investment in 20:20 MEDIA has helped me hold fort in my current role at Hindustan Unilever Ltd. The organization enabled me to Focus on my Strengths and leverage it situation wise; which is a rare attribute in the current competitive scenario.

I am sure every employee of 20:20 MEDIA who graduates to new roles in different organizations will echo with the views expressed.

Thanks Once Again to the Team of 20:20 MEDIA for setting a Strong Foundation.


A career with us means saying goodbye to 'sameness', and hello to a multi-faceted world of work."Diversity@Work" is an operating principle we live by, helping us to ensure we consistently reflect - and value - the diversity in the world around us. In our advice to clients, in our hiring of people and in the experiences those people have each day as an employee of 20:20 MSL.

How do we bring this principle to life?

  • 20:20 MSL carries out a formal in-house training program every week Friday morning, 130 hrs of mandatory annual training for all its employees. Structured training addresses the challenges posed by the dynamic environment we operate in, ensures transfer of knowledge across teams and geographies which empowers our people to formulate creative solutions in complex situations.
  • Our clients range from multinational giants (many of them working with us in 10 countries or more) to regional players and local start-ups, each with a specific industry and speciality communications need. This reality means that as a nimble organization operating in a world with few boundaries, we place particular value on nurturing multiple skillsets in our top people.
  • Diversity@Work is also at the heart of MSLGROUP's internal mobility programme. From short-term visits to best-practice people swaps or indeed long-term assignments, the mobility programme is open to all our employees.
  • The "Together Work's Better" award programme is another example. A competition that enables a winning team from each of our four regions to visit any office in the network, to discover the people and the city, to experience the work culture - and of course to have a little fun too.



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