Who we are

We are our clients' trusted advisors and creative storytellers for the conversation age

What we believe in

A truly holistic approach to communications: multi-specialist and media neutral

Demonstrating a passion for client service

Acting with honesty, transparency and accountability

Having the courage to take on the biggest challenges, and the tenacity to see them through

Encouraging diversity and responsible action in our workplace

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countries worldwide


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Top 5

One of the world's top 5 PR companies


we work with a quarter of the top 100 most valuable global brands

Strategy and Vision

Marketplaces as we knew them have been fundamentally transformed: welcome to the conversation economy.

Today we live in a real-time marketplace of communities where individuals are happy to engage with other people, brands and organizations through connections, conversations and information sharing - but only if those entities offer substantial value and relevance in exchange for their time and attention. At MSLGROUP we are passionate about the science and art of listening to and engaging with people. With insight, with understanding and with a response that is helpful and valuable. We help our clients move from campaigns to narrative, from intrusion to engagement and from consumers to communities.

Our history

Through the early nineties 20:20 MSL created itself a niche position dedicated to the business of ICT Communications. The following decade saw 20:20 MSL consolidate this experience and gain recognition as a brand that was amongst the best qualified to plan, build and execute Communication campaigns for over 1,000 brands in 2 decades.

In its quest to joining an international network that will enable access to insights, experts and training, and further strengthen our value to clients, in 2010, it joined the MSLGROUP, a specialty Public Relations & Events network of the PublicisGroupe. More than anything, joining the PublicisGroupe and MSLGroup family was about a shared vision and culture of nurturing great people and to be Trusted Advisors to our clients by delivering value to clients. This relationship has further strengthened the organizations capability and reach. Under five key pillars - being a courageous steward to clients; providing meticulous value; being a collaborative relationship builder; a creative solution provider; and a strategic leader, 20:20 MEDIA is now 20:20MSL.

Core Philosophy

The core philosophy of the organization is to attract the best talent, do good work for deserving clients and generate revenues that would prepare the organization for greater recognition where PCM (People, Clients and Money) was built on relationships.

Through this 20:20 MSL was able to resonate as an organization that clients and people wanted to belong to and an organization that would make commitments that it would meet. This journey helped 20:20 MSL create a workforce of enviable talent that soon found themselves sought after by many multinational technology firms and to date over fifty senior communication professionals have found themselves graduate to serve the communication needs of larger multinational firms. To build talent ground-up and to build brands was a part of the organizations underlying strategy to grow the market.